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  Name: Yu xx Sex: Male

  Date of Birth: 2019-06-18 Nationality: Han

  Height: 180 Weight: 60

  Place of origin: Jiangxi current location: Guangdong

  Nationality: Chinese Marital status:

  Educational background

  Highest level of education: college Putonghua: Good

  Foreign Language: English Language: General

  Graduate institutions: Higher post-secondary science Jiangxi Xinyu graduated Date: on 2009 -6

  Studies by Category: Computer Professional Name: Environmental Art and Design

  Personal experience

  Three times in school when the use of vacation time to train factory workers! In the training process to a correct understanding of and active efforts to the completion of their work!

  Ability to put themselves forward with a detailed personal

  Work takes a positive and serious attitude, a strong sense of responsibility and willingness to work hard is willing to fight; being sincere, careful, optimistic, prudent; good sense of innovation, the spirit of cooperation, and can quickly adapt to working environment, and practical work in learning and constantly improve themselves and do their jobs.

  Education / training experience:

  on-year to       years on the school / professional training institutions in the name / subject name of certificate obtained

  September 2000 -2003 in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province in June Xiushui County Junior High School First School in September 2003 -2006 in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province in June of excellence Xiushui County High School in September 2006 school year in June, Jiangxi -2009 Provincial University College xinyu

  Intention with the work experience job

  Talent type: Graduates Job type: Full-time

  I hope the job candidates: Design Technology

  Work Experience: 0 Title: No Title

  Monthly requirements: Negotiable hope that the working area: Guangdong

  Can be reported for duty Date: Guangdong

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