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Unit One  Part  1

标签:尊师贵道 757v 龙8国际怎么样

unit one  part  1
1.we may talk of beautiful things, but beauty itself is a_____.
2.even people who take no interest in art cannot have failed to notice examples of modern _____(雕塑)on display in public places.
3.i'd like to go to some art _____(美术馆)and museums. they are very famous.
4.i learned something about how to live with people of different religious b_____. "
5.his long illness and c_____ absence put him far behind in his work.
6.he had been ill for a long time and c_____ he was behind in his work.
7.if there are no goals in life, it will be like a headless fly flying_____ (没目标地)
8. in the ancient culture of china, there is a tradition of spreading blessings through signs and _____ (符号).
9.new ideas and _____ (价值观念)took the place of those that were held in the middle ages.
10.people became _____(集中) more on humans and less on religion.
2.参考词汇:运动:campaign;雷锋精神:lei feng spirit;和谐的:harmonious
chairman mao called on the whole nation to “learn from comrade lei feng” on march 5,1963,