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 Takings were $21.3bn last year.

大码女装杂志PLUS Model Magazine的主编和联合创始人玛德琳·琼斯说,社交媒体对于改变时装业的看法起着重要作用。

Social media has played an important role in changing attitudes in the fashion business, says Madeline Jones, editor and co-founder of PLUS Model Magazine.


Nonetheless, designer brands still hold back (Walmart sells the most plus-size apparel).


Some brands, such as Michael Kors, do sell plus-size ranges but do not advertise them or display them on websites.


For those that are willing to take a chance, several internet startups that deliver personally styled outfits to individuals, including plus-size women, offer data to “straight-size” designers.

比如,Gwynnie Bee,Stitch Fix,Dia & Co这些公司会和设计师分享用户偏好的风格以及合身尺寸。

Gwynnie Bee, Stitch Fix and Dia & Co, for example, share information with designers on preferred styles and fits.

翠西·瑞斯是一位设计师,因为米歇尔·奥巴马设计出席2012年的民主党全国代表大会的服装而成名,这个姓名同时也是一个品牌,近期该品牌寻求Gwynnie Bee相助来设计新款大号系列服装。

Tracy Reese, a designer known for creating Michelle Obama's dress for the Democratic National Convention in 2012, is one brand that recently enlisted Gwynnie Bee's help to create a new plus-size collection.

Gwynnie Bee促使翠西·瑞斯扩大规模,同时创新更夺人眼球的设计。

Gwynnie Bee prompted the label to create bigger patterns and more appealing designs.


Not all plus-size shoppers are convinced.


Laura Fuentes, a hairstylist from Abilene, Texas, says that many upmarket department stores still keep their plus-size clothing sections poorly organised, badly stocked and dimly lit, if they stock larger clothes at all.


Yet such complaints should betaken with a pinch of salt, says Ms Thompson.


“We're nowhere near where we should be but we've made progress,” she says.

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